Sanctuary Network

The Sanctuary ModelOur belief in the power of community led us to develop the Sanctuary Institute. The Sanctuary Institute is the gateway to the Sanctuary Network a community of organizations committed to the development of trauma-informed services.  We are all committed to the belief that we can do better for our clients and our colleagues as well as our society if we can accept that the people we serve are not sick or bad, but injured and that the services we provide must provide hope, promote growth and inspire change.

Sanctuary is a registered trademark and the right to use the Sanctuary name is contingent on engagement in a certified training program and an agreement to participate in an on-going, peer-review certification process. It requires a several year commitment and research is underway in the hope of moving the Sanctuary Model from an “evidence-supported” to an “evidence-based” approach. In this way we hope to establish a method for guaranteeing an acceptable level of fidelity to the original model upon which the research was based [650-653].

The Sanctuary Institute is based at Andrus Children’s Center, Yonkers, New York and information can be found at Organizations that participate in the Sanctuary Institute join the Sanctuary Network. In creating a network of programs, all of whom share a common language and perspective, we are developing standards of practice, sharing innovations, and developing certification standards for programs using the Sanctuary trademark.

Sanctuary Network programs are participating in an evaluation project that will enable us to learn more about what it take to create trauma-informed, safe organizational cultures in a variety of mental health and social service environments. In this way we hope to move Sanctuary from an "evidence-supported" to an "evidence-based" practice.

As of July, 2010, the Sanctuary Network is comprised of the following programs:


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Sanctuary in Adult Inpatient Treatment

Sanctuary in Residential Childcare

Sanctuary in Shelters

Sanctuary in Substance Abuse Programs

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