Sanctuary at Andrus Children’s Center

The Sanctuary Model

The Andrus Children’s Center in Yonkers, New York began working with Dr. Sandra Bloom in 2000. Working with a Core Team of staff members representing five levels of the organization, this team worked for two days a month for a year to begin the processing of understanding how the children In their care had been affected by trauma and adversity. In 2005, the Andrus Children’s Center sponsored the development of the Sanctuary Institute.

Sanctuary Institute site at Andrus Children's Center

The Andrus Experience by Brian Farragher, C.O.O. Andrus Children’s Center

Sanctuary at Andrus, by Nancy Ment, C.E.O. Andrus Children's Center

Videos of Former and Current Andrus Children’s Center Staff talking about their perceptions and experience of implementing the Sanctuary Model

Ms. Connally teacher and now Vice Principle, Orchard School

Mr. Hodge on Milieu Management

Mr. Haracopas and SELF

Mr. Kleinman and clinical practice

Mr. Kleinman and parallel process

Mr. Burton and Milieu Management

Ms. Perrin speaks about use of the creative arts